Saturday, June 02, 2007

Just Arrived!

  I arrived at Honolulu airport on 10:00. I was honorly greeted by Rev. and Mrs. Shozo Sawa, Rev. and Mrs. Leslie Iwatani, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Tashiro and Mrs. Edna Nishimura. It was a first step for me to lead a new life in Hawaii. Rev. Sawa will be retired at the end of this month, therefore, I will be assigned as Acting Chief of Hawaii Missionary Area. I would like to be active and helpful to contribute to spreading the teachings of Seicho-No-Ie as much as possible.
  Since Rev. Sawa is going to return to Japan on 23rd this month, he lost no time in succeeding his job and gave me some explanation on his work in a concise manner.
In the evening, I entered a Japanese restaurant where I ate curry and rice. But unfortunately it included four loafs of beef, I could not eat them. Other than that, it was satisfactory.
  Last not but least, I really appreciate who support me in various ways.

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