Wednesday, October 17, 2007


   Our household policy for child raring is not to force the child what she doesn't want. However, she is still using a diaper after her three-year-old birthday, we decided to have her take to the bathroom even though she feels annoyed. At first she couldn't pee-pee at all, my wife dared to remove her diaper but put her underpants. As a result our daughter wet her pants as expected, however, after that accident, whenever she wants to go to bathroom she came to call my wife and said that she wants to go there. She seems still to be unwilling to sit on the toilet, its success rate is increasing.

 I have learned through my daughter that a new born baby has an ability to suck on something but cannot eat without learning how to do. What I saw my daughter learning various things step by step impressed me that I was raised like this way and I've been now learning one by one.

  English didn't emerge from my mouth just after I arrived here and there was a chance that I stopped to say something when I wanted to say actually, but through my situation that I have to communicate with other members in English in my daily work, my English is improving little by little. I appreciate this environment.

  I recalled the teaching that says "Do Your Best to Fully Utilize the Present Moment" and want to put it into practice in my daily life.


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