Saturday, June 19, 2010

Digital Addiction

   It has been almost one month since I came back to Japan from Hawaii where I was stationed as a resident minister of Seicho-No-Ie. Since I had not been to Japan in the past three years, everything I saw and heard was very fresh to me. It can be said that I had "travelers eyes" which can see in a different manner from the residents.

   By the way, I've recently learned about digital addiction that can take over people's life in an NHK radio English program. According to an expert quoted in the program, if you spend more than two hours using digital devices other than work and study reasons, you are potentially addicted.

   I am one of the persons who receive the benefit from them including PC, internet, electric dictionary, kindle, and ipod. For example, I can exchange ideas on my blog with my friends who I never met, and I can still enjoy watching ABC's and CBS's news which I used to watch while I was in Hawaii by using ipod. However, if you use those devices too much, it might harm you.

   To be honest, when I was in Hawaii, to turn on the power of PC and check emails was my priority after practicing Shinsokan and Holy Sutra reading everyday. I did so because I sometimes had important and urgent emails from U.S. Missionary Headquarters in California where there is three hours time difference from Hawaii. But now, I am not turning on the power of PC until I get to my workplace because if I check the flood of emails I recieve everyday in the early morning, it takes lots of time not only by responding those emails but also checking the websites I registered, which ends up consuming precious morning hours.

   I think to take a balance is important. Receiving a benefit from highly advanced technology while savoring what is blessed to us such as natural beauty and others by making fully use of the our five senses may lead you to a mentally and physically healthy and abundant life.

Tetsuya Abe


Satico said...

I am definitely a digital addicted! But I also think that it is good to have a balance and use our precious time wisely. Good to hear news from you! Don't need to answer my comments. I know that you are quite busy. Take care,

Tetsuya Abe said...

Hi Satico-san!

Thank you very much for your comment.
As you expected, I may be busy but not to the extend I cannot write you here.

By the way, did you start to use "Kindle"? For me, it is very good, so far.