Friday, July 30, 2010

Tips on Effective Presentation

  I've been listening to "Business English Conversation" aired by NHK, or Japanese National Broadcasting Cooperation. This is one of my favorite radio program from which you can learn not only English but also be enriched your education. I've kept listening to the program for nearly 10 years except for the three years I spent in Hawaii.

  In a recent program, how you can give an effective presentation was discussed which attracted me a lot. One of the things focused on was to do rehearsal.

  An assistant teacher of the program, Ms. Chris Matsushita said, "I think almost none of presenters are aware of the importance of rehearsal. Many of them may imagine what they are going to talk in their mind, though." It may be true. I usually don't do any rehearsal when I give a presentation in my native language, Japanese while I do when in English.

  Another important thing talked over the program is a passion to drive home your message. It does not mean that you need to speak in a big and loud voice, but you need to manifest your passion in any way. I couldn't agree more.

  Following points are the tips on effective presentation introduced in the program titled, "Storytelling":

 ・Do rehearsal
 ・Speak with a passion
 ・Use well-chosen anecdotes related to your topic
 ・Keep an eye contact with your audience
 ・Don't read all the letters in a slide
 ・Don't include many letters in a single slide
 ・Don't use many fonts in a slide
 ・Be careful about combination of the colors in a slide
 ・Let your audience know your e-mail address so that you can have feedback from even people who are reluctant to ask questions publicly during and after your presentation

 I'll keep them in mind and put into practice in my next presentation.

 Tetsuya Abe

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