Thursday, October 14, 2010

PE Festival, Entrance Exam, and Business Trip

  The last couple of days were very busy to me. First of all, I participated in a PE festival held at my daughters' kindergarten on Oct. 11, Monday, a national holiday. It was warm, even hot, and the sun was bright. My daughter, Manami, got a cold for a few weeks, but she was happily able to join the festival with her classmates and teacher.

  The following day, there was an entrance exam for private school. Manami got an exam and my wife and I underwent an interview. To our astonishment, we got a notification of acceptance from the school the next day of the exam. We are very pleased to see that our effort was greatly rewarded.

  We started to prepare for the exam a few months ago. Manami studied hard and learned a lot from her mom. My wife and I discussed about our education policy taking long time. It was a very good opportunity for us to reflect how we raised our kid and how we will from now.

Oct. 12 & 13, I visited Okayama on business where Chiefs' meeting in Chugoku Area was held at Seicho-No-Ie Okayama Missionary Center. Jotting down all the participants' remarks, I deepened my sense of gratitude for all their activities leading their members with wisdom and love.

  I am very relieved that I got through without any problem these busy schedule.

Tetsuya Abe

Manami is on the top

Manami is marching in front

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