Thursday, August 05, 2010

A Burglar Who Stopped Robbing

  July 30th ABC News(Podcast) introduced a moving story about a burglar who stopped robbing after he listened to a story of Jesus by a clerk of a cellphone company he planned to attack.

  The burglar with a gun entered the company and threatened a woman clerk to rob money. However, the clerk did not call on "Police" by dialing "911" instead calmed down and called on "God" in this urgent moment. The following dialogue was made between the robber and the clerk:

 (C) I am just going to talk with you about the Jesus that I have.
 (R) The What?
 (C) The Jesus I got before you leave.
 (R) God bless you for that.
 (C) I'm Christian.
 (R) So am I, and I absolutely hate doing this.

  Their conversation went on and on and the robber finally left the office after he politely bowed once without robbing anything. The woman saved the man from committing a crime.

  How wonderful this story is! The security video set there showed that he surely made a courtesy bow. Since he is a decent man who even makes a bow, I'm sure he will go straight.

  I sometimes hear this type of story from a Seicho-No-Ie lecturer. For example, Rev. Yasuo Shibuya, a former Bishop of SNI Latin America, once introduced a following story of Brazil. A SNI member who was very impressed by the SNI teachings such as "everyone is a child of God," and others by attending a SNI seminar took a taxi. The woman talked on and on about what impressed her to a taxi driver all along the way. When they arrived at the destination, the woman saw the driver crying. He said that he was in a trouble so much that he had planned to threaten his customers with gun and to rob them of money. However, after he listened to her saying, " everyone is a precious child of God," he realized that God dwells within himself and felt very ashamed and said to her, "It is highly appreciated that you told me such a wonderful story and give me an opportunity to be reborn as a child of God. You don't have to pay this time."

  Truly, everyone is a child of God. How wonderful it is!

 Tetsuya Abe

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