Friday, July 22, 2011

"Nadeshiko Japan"

I am so happy to see that "Nadeshiko Japan" finally won World Cup on Sunday. Information on their performance, preparation for the competition, who they are like, etc. is getting unfolded, what deeply impressed me among them is their spirit. As the following saying goes in Japan, stumbling seven times but recovering eight, they rise immediately whenever they fell down on the ground. They NEVER give in. The U.S. team was truly great and strong. I think they are also deserved to the cup. That is why Nadeshiko should be proud of winning the match in the way they did. Other than their outstanding performances, what strikes me a lot is the spectators in Germany. Despite their team was defeated at the quarter final by Japan, almost all of the quarter finals' and final's stadiums were filled with a full capacity of people. More than that, the final started 8:30 pm and ended over 11 pm, but many of the spectators remained there and cheered both U.S. and Japan team. I felt that the Germans really love soccer and their team will show wonderful performance next time.

Tetsuya Abe

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