Thursday, September 15, 2011

What Happened in Sydney

   I visited Sydney to conduct Readers' Meeting held there as a dispatched lecturer from Seicho-No-Ie International Headquarters. I left Japan on Sep. 8, Thursday, and returned here on Sep. 12, Monday. They have a monthly readers' meeting receiving assistance from Int'l HQs via Skype. They don't have any Regional Lecturers and Propagators, but they keep holding meetings every month, propagating the teachings, and organizing their group well. I would like to extend my heartfelt blessings to them all!

   On 10th, Saturday, we had a Readers' Meeting at the Vibe Hotel North Sydney with 14 participants. I provided two lecturers respectively titled, "Gratitude Is the Key to Happiness" and "Let Us Extend Our Joy throughout the World," and led "Prayer for World Peace" in the end of the event. It was a good time to pray for world peace because the following day was 10th anniversary of 911.

   At the first lecture, I focused upon two of the three pillars of the SNI teachings, "the world created by God is perfect and harmonious, therefore, man is a child of God," and "our body and environment are a reflection of our mind." I talked that the Great East Japan Earthquake is an opportunity to remind us of the fact what is considered the ordinary should be highly grateful to. With a few hours of rolling blackout, we for the first time realized that having electricity should be grateful to and part of the electricity we are using is generated by Fukushima nuclear power plant, which has been a center of attention from the world. Then, I shared a testimony of a woman who could be harmonized with her husband recovering from in-house separation by practicing the teachings.

   In the second lecture, I talked about Islam, empathy, and global environment. One of the three pillars of the SNI teachings is "all true religions emanate from one universal God." Touching upon this principle, I explained why we SNI members need to learn Islam. I briefly talked about the commonality between the teachings of Islam and Seicho-No-Ie based on what Rev. Masanobu Taniguchi taught us. After explaining about empathy, I emphasized that we believe practicing the "Four Immeasurable Minds of Buddha" is one of the key to solve the climate change issue.

   It is highly appreciated that all the attendees enthusiastically listened to me and resolved to live Eco-friendly lives as a practice of "Four Immeasurable Minds."

   This event was organized by Int'l HQs and promoted and advertised by our members in Australia including the facebook page they sponsored. We were happy to welcome two participants who knew about the event from the facebook page.

   What made this event so meaningful and successful was great efforts by local members as well as sincere supports by International Headquarters, especially members of Int'l Department. The minister who is doing a job as a contact person is constantly helping their activities via Skype and others. She did a very good job!

   On 11th, Sunday, we had Mind Purification Ceremony and discussion at a members house where 9 people gathered, took part in the ceremony, and enjoyed Thai dishes and our company.

   With deeds of love by all concerned, we were able to spend the wonderful weekend. Thank you very much, everyone!

   Incidentally, since Sydney is in the Southern Hesmiphere, it is the early spring. It was so cold especially in the morining and night. But a kind member advised me to have some warm clothes in advance, I made it through the cold weather without any problem. Thank you very much!

Tetsuya Abe

Photos: Opera House, Harbor Bridge, Cafe au lait, Thai foods we enjoyed on Sun, and Group photo on Sat.


Marta said...

Happy to hear some great news about the propagation of SNI in Australia! Thanks for sharing.

Tetsuya Abe said...

Thanks so much for your comment, Marta.
Yes, they are very fine, friendly, and enthusiastic about the propagation.

BTW, do you live in Vancouver?