Monday, February 05, 2007

Biofuel Technology

The news on the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is spreading around the world. We've already known and sensed that human activities have contributed to climate change, but this report is a final declaration for human being to be able to SURVIVE or NOT as a member upon the Earth.

More than that, we have futher news that shows even though the goal is admirable, if the steps to achieve that goal is not appropriate, the outcome will not be good. The article titled "Scientists are taking 2nd look at biofuels Dutch efforts verge on nightmare" may be an eye opener for even those environmentalists enthusiastic about promoting biofuel technology.

According to the article, increasing demand for palm oil in Europe caused devastation of Southeast Asian rain forest. Worse than that, space for the expanding palm plantations was often created by draining and burning peat land, which sent huge amounts of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. As a result, the article said, "Indonesia had quickly become the world's third-leading producer of greenhouse gases that scientists believe are responsible for global warming, ranked after the United States and China, concluded a study released in December by researchers from Wetlands International and Delft Hydraulics, both in the Netherlands." Here is an address of the issue:

I think we need to concentrate more our energies, technologies and efforts on alternative energy like wind, solar and hydrogen one.


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