Tuesday, August 15, 2006

War Memorial Day-(1)

Today is the 61st anniversary commemorating the end of the World War Second. Junichiro Koizumi, Prime Minister of Japan, worshipped controversial Yasukuni Shrine, in this memorial day for the first time since he took office. I don't want to touch upon this highly political issue, rather I want to ponder why peace cannot be realized despite every single person in the world pursues.

I have once heard that about only 200 years had no wars in human's history. Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi, the founder of Seicho-No-Ie, Japan based religious organization, raised some reasons why wars never cease from a religious perspective. There are three points as follows:

1. The notion that a human being has an original sin.

If you believe that a man has an original sin, you will be punished by the principle that a sinner should be atoned for. Some religions or factions focus that a uman has an original sin whether they be Christianiy and Buddhism. However, Jesus Christ never called a human being as a sinner. Rather, he taught like this:

"In this manner, therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name"

We can see Jesus called God as "Our Father." This means that we all are children of God. I accept that those followers of such religions that focus on human's sin don't intend to exacerbate people's destiny, but what they preach did or does or will hamper their destiny by the rule that what you image manifests. Therefore, you need to use creative, positive and cheerful words to prevent conflicts and improve human's fate.

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