Monday, September 11, 2006

Baby Came-(3)

In 2004, it was an extremely hot summer in Japan. Temperature exceeded well over 30 degrees Celsius and sometimes reached 35 degree Celsius and more. My wife was in good health, but a overhigh blood pressure was a ground for concern. Around two months before the expected day, there was a decision for me to make a business trip to Germany for a week. It was a great opportunity for me to go there as a lecturer, but my wife seemed to feel anxiety for my absence.

Germany was the perfect place at that time, because temperature and humidity was fairly lower than those of Japan, and scenery was extremely beautiful. But, at the same time, my duty was not simple. I had to deliver three lectures with interpretation, which was the first time for me, to distinguished audience at the 20th Seicho-No-Ie Spiritual Training Seminar in Europe. However, once the seminar started, my concern was completely and easily removed. The atmosphere was warm and great, and participants seemed to enjoy all events delivered. It ended up a great success that satisfied everyone involved.

Coming back to Japan after, I felt extremely fatigued that I had never experienced. I had been to Europe several times in the past, but business purpose trip was tremendously different from sightseeing trip in terms of responsibility. Incidentally, I was granted bonus during the trip. I was supposed to have a economy class seat, but I was upgraded to a business class seat by airline company's convenience with no extra chage. Not only that, I was seated next to an Olympic athlete of Japan! Unfortunately, I forgot to insert battery to my digital camera, I couldn't have any photo with him.

Two days after my return from Germany, the last and biggest accident waited us.

P.S. You are able to see some photos that I took when I went to Germany at my Japanese site. Here is address:
You will find a small photo at the center of right side. Click it, and about 20 photos will be emerged.

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